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Affordable Care Act

Answering Your Questions About The Afforadable Care Act.

Under the new affordable care act, health insurance has not only become more affordable than ever before but covers a wider range of services. There are even those who qualify for a 100% tax credit paid health insurance. We at Leder Firm have the knowledge to utilize tax credits to maximize your benefits for less money out of your pocket and will work with you to ensure they are informed to your needs such as what hospitals, doctors and prescriptions are vital to you. With several available plan options you and a skilled professional will be able to find a plan that truly fits your needs without the fear of being denied coverage for preexisting conditions. For those without insurance during 2015 there will be a tax penalty (2.5% of your household income or $325.00 per adult). This is a penalty you need not necessarily pay because great coverage may cost you less than the fine. With all of the changes to how insurance will be working in the future we understand that you have questions and concerns and we want to help you obtain the peace of mind you deserve. Please email if you would like to ask a Leder Firm professional a specific question about obtaining new coverage.

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